As technology becomes an ever present addition to our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before it changed even the way we consume cannabis. One of the more interesting advancements is the advent of what most people refer to as ‘vapor pens.’ These hand held devices offer the ability to medicate with cannabis by only a push of a button, on the go, and with little to no smell. Similar to what one could expect from a nicotine-style e-cigarette, although there are important differences between them.

Like any technology, vapor pens have needed a few years of trial and error in order to find what is most effective. The first editions we at Berkeley Patients Care experienced were very much the same as their nicotine counterparts: cotton batting for wicks, sometimes the oil was cut with vegetable glycerin as a carrier, and almost exclusively accepted pre-filled cartridges that lacked a consistent flavor and effect. For this reason we stepped back from the market to do our own research and see what companies could provide something viable for our patients. Now that we have gone through countless trials, we feel we’ve found a solution good enough to offer our patients.

Provided by a company aptly named ‘Vaped Vaporizers,’ we now offer the Vaped Nano V3 as an option for our patients. We went with Vaped for a number of reasons, but first and foremost among them was their emphasis on safety. Unlike previous iterations of vapor pens, Vaped opted to avoid the whole mixing of glycerin and go directly to the source: cannabis oil. For this you need a unit able to provide enough heat to boil the cannabis oil and turn it into usable vapor. The unit they have designed is relatively ingenious: a ceramic bowl piece with a ceramic crossbar which has been coiled with a titanium wire. The titanium coil offers the heat point, effectively boiling the oil within the bowl with no other carriers needed. One of the most important elements of this design is its nod to patient safety: the interior of their unit uses all inert materials, avoiding the potentially poisonous off gassing present in less intelligently designed units.

In the end, Vaped has provided a much needed advancement for patients: not only for those who need to medicate on the go without feeling like they’re advertising it, but also for patients who lack the motor function to adequately medicate on their own using more traditional methods, yet still require the same immediate relief.