The longest continuously operating medical marijuana dispensary in the United States just keeps getting better

BERKELEY, CA (April 4, 2019) Today marks the 18th anniversary of the Berkeley Patient’s Care Collective at their original location on 2590 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California. On 4/20 in 2001, Martin O’Brien and crew opened the doors on what is now the longest continuously operating business of its kind in the United States. Times were a bit more perilous for the medical marijuana business back then. There were federal raids happening at similar businesses all over California, but the Berkeley PCC managed to weather the storm and has been able to provide the residents of Berkeley with safe medicine from Day One until now, and likely far into the future.

“In the early days the only thing that seemed certain was the will of the people of California,” says founder Martin O’Brien. “Dispensaries were getting raided all around us and our friends were landing in jail with enormous legal expenses ahead of them. All we could do was keep our noses clean, tuck into the task of providing medicine for the community in Berkeley and hope for the best. Mercifully, the City of Berkeley and Alameda County were behind us from day one. Now, we are a thriving community resource providing medicinal and recreational cannabis products to the people of Berkeley and beyond, much of which is grown organically on our own farm in Sonoma County.”

In addition to the aforementioned Foxworthy Farms in the Mayacamas Mountains of the Sonoma County wine country, O’Brien and his partners also operate the California Cannabis Distribution Company, which coincidentally have been granted their permit to operate by the City of Berkeley today. This makes the CCDC the first legal cannabis distribution company in operation within the Berkeley city limits.

The Berkeley Patient’s Care Collective is the longest continuously running legal cannabis dispensary in the United States. For 18 years, it has been providing medicinal cannabis products to the community of Berkeley, California at its location at 2590 Telegraph Avenue, just five blocks from the University of California at Berkeley. In 2018, the PCC began operating an additional location next door to provide recreational cannabis products, leaving the original location to provide to medicinal patients exclusively.