Medi-Cone THCV Pre-Rolled Joints are one of the newer arrivals at the PCC. These joints contain one gram of high THCV cannabis. THCV, a cannabinoid like THC and CBD, is found in small amounts in many African and Asian Sativa strains. Purported to have appetite suppressing effects, THCV is potentially pain relieving, bone growth stimulating and has anti-anxiety properties. Recent studies into THCV revealed promising potential benefits for diabetics. Cannabis high in THCV comes on strong and fast and often fades quickly and without drowsiness. For me, this joint indeed delivered in a quick intense Sativa like feeling with lots of energy and a good mood. I was motivated but without the rushed, anxious feeling I get with some Sativa strains. I also noticed a pleasant body sensation.


As far as the appetite suppressant effects go, I didn’t get the munchies and I was able to finish my tasks with out the usual needed snack breaks. Both times I smoked this preroll I did feel a strange fullness sensation in my stomach. I ate a normal amount at meal time, which was about 2 hours later, but I think by then I was no longer feeling the effects. The effects were gone pretty fast, but I can imagine  times that a strain that gives me a quick boost and doesn’t stay with me for hours would be perfect. I would like to experiment with this strain for a while before I gave any real conclusive reports about it’s appetite suppressant nature, so I will continue on, and give you an update when I feel I understand the effects more fully. For now, it seems clear that this is a great option for a Sativa that is less anxiety provoking, and that it at least does not give you an increased appetite.