Staff Strain Report: Creme Brulee

2016-11-10T15:46:22+00:00 June 29th, 2013|

This week we look at a combination of PCC classic concentrates ending in the culmination of a new favorite: Creme Brulee. Like the delicious and sugary dessert, our version is crisp on the top with a soft waxy bottom. While it may look good enough to eat, it is in fact a blending of our Shatter and Delta 9, two extremely potent oils that are vaporized or "dabbed" more often than not. Each oil alone is typically potent enough for most patients, I can only imagine how pronounced the effect will be when combined.

Staff Strain Report – Northern Lights x Blueberry

2016-11-10T15:46:27+00:00 May 26th, 2011|

For this week’s review I get an opportunity to look at two incredible strains combined into one powerful herb: Northern Lights x Blueberry. Upon sampling, the first thing that struck me was its appearance: big and chunky, with such a good covering of trichomes, it shaded parts more white than green. The bud structure looks more like a big beautiful sativa-heavy hybrid, but any handling of the herb quickly reveals how solid it is. The juxtaposition of size and density intrigues my senses and as ever I must indulge.

Staff Strain Report – Island Sweet Skunk

2016-11-10T15:46:27+00:00 May 13th, 2011|

For this weeks review, I get a chance to look at one of my very favorite skunk strains: Island Sweet Skunk. A sativa heavy hybrid, Island Sweet Skunk is most often considered a phenotype of Skunk #1 or a close relative. They certainly share similarities in appearance, displaying the same shade of light green.

Staff Strain Report – Urkulan

2016-11-10T15:46:36+00:00 March 3rd, 2011|

Every once in awhile I’ll encounter a cross that makes me scratch my head and today’s sample is one of those herbs. The breeder crossed Purple Urkle with Romulan, and Urkulan is the spawn of these two powerhouses. Bred for its myriad medicinal benefits, Urkulan takes Indica-heavy hybrids to new heights.

Staff Strain Report – MK Ultra

2016-11-10T15:46:37+00:00 February 4th, 2011|

If you’re familiar with medicinal marijuana, then I can only assume you have heard the names “OG Kush” and “G-13” in your experience. Both have earned notoriety independently: OG Kush for its very distinct taste and smell; G-13 for its incredible potency and seemingly unparalleled strength. I can only imagine what the breeder was thinking when they put these two power houses in a room together to work their magic. What we have ended up with is one of the finest medicinal herbs available: MK Ultra.

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