Sherbet is a strain made popular in the Bay Area. A cross between the now legendary Girl Scout Cookies and controversially named Pink Panties, this flower has all the makings of what the market is demanding now: Potency (testing over 30% consistently!), look (shimmering lime green and purple buds), and taste (you can guess by the name).

PCC’s varietal is among the best. Being a notoriously tough strain to grow, it is easy for some cultivators to make a small mistake and lose some of the best traits. Luckily for this reviewer, the cut on hand at Patient’s Care Collective was quality, and grown by someone who knows what they are doing!

Look: The sample I obtained was mostly deep purple, medium sized nuggets. The purple that this strain exudes is different from most purple strains. However, you can still identify the light green tendencies even in a bud dominated by purple. It’s like magic, especially for someone who does not smoke many purple strains. Chunky crystals are also a feature that you can’t miss. When breaking up by hand, you can actually see the resin left behind on your fingertips. At first glance, you know you’re dealing with a heavy hitting strain.

Feel: These buds are sticky! Clearly cured properly, so they do not compress into a pancake, but I would recommend not breaking it up by hand if you plan on using your fingers later. The potency was tangible; it is no wonder why the popularity of this strain is skyrocketing. The most novice of patients can identify how special this is, immediately.

Smell: The smell of Sherbet is my favorite part of this strain. PCC’s varietal has more earth in the nose than I am used to upon first sniff, but finishes with the creamy, almost minty, fruit that stays in your senses long after you’ve finished smelling it. I wouldn’t recommend bringing this strain anywhere you are trying to hide it. However, if you are in a friendly environment, the smell coming out of your pocket alone is enough to make new friends!

Taste: Luckily with Sherbet, smell transcends taste. It is so decadent to have such a bouquet with every toke. From first puff to last, you will pick up on your favorite notes. My mouth waters just typing this and thinking back to my sample. I’m confident that anyone familiar could identify PCC’s Sherbet in a blind taste test.

Medicine: Although at least a 50/50 hybrid (some go as far to say 75/25, Indica leaning), this strain hit me immediately, but did not overwhelm. It’s relaxing, but also creativity inspiring, and at low doses does not immobilize the user. However, take a large dose, and this strain works great as a pain reliever, sleep aid, or appetite stimulant.

There’s a reason buzz is aplenty over this strain. PCC has officially found one of the best cuts in the Bay. Check it out for yourself!