Granddaddy Purple is a name almost synonymous with modern Indicas, at least in the Bay Area, and a name that has almost entirely eclipsed purple cannabis itself.  Born from a desire to increase the moderate yields of its predecessors Mendo Purps and Purple Urkle, Granddaddy Purple, or as some call it GDP, would have been a major breeding faux pas in the modern boutique cannabis world.  Fortunately what would have been to some an exercise in “watered down” genetic tampering resulted in a tasty and potent happy accident that has kept it’s acolytes coming back for more for nearly two decades.

While the most popular method of smoking is without a doubt crumbling a gram or two into a blunt, it is this writer’s opinion that where GDP truly shines is in the bowl of a bong or bubbler.  In either instance the smoke is thick and sweet, and if cultivated and cured by an accomplished grower, the finish impossibly smooth. This sample is no exception. What once was lavender, juniper, and blackberry on the nose; it is all berry on the exhale.  The high comes in waves and is warm and insulating without a feeling of detachment or disorientation. The head change is heavy and lingering which makes this a popular selection for those suffering through everything from insomnia to anxiety to chronic pain.  Even in a world of fickle cannabis consumers and a revolving door of strains and trends, just one solid rip and it’s no wonder this strain is a stalwart indica on our top-shelf.