It all started a few years ago, when the PCC got its first batch of Sour Diesel cold water hash from an expert provider. We dubbed the medicine “Aqua Dabs” in reference to the water-based extraction process and the ability to vaporize it on a nail. Since then it has been a fixture on our shelf, providing a solvent-less Sativa option for our concentrate enthusiasts. Why an article now? The provider just dropped off a new batch, and the quality is even better than ever before!

The Look-

The new batch of Sour Diesel Aqua Dabs looks different than we have previously seen. The best way to describe the consistency is little beads of orange/brown/red oil. The previous Aqua Dabs were softer, and would crumble like soft clay between your fingers. This time, the medicine is granulated and does not stick to anything at room temperature, but is not dry like traditional cold water hashes. Each tiny bead is like a tiny drop of oil, which will stick if you slightly warm it or leave on your hands too long, but it does not become gooey. The smell is clean and crisp, a bit fainter than previous batches but with a sharper diesel/og aroma on the back end.

The Dab-

When a patient would ask about medicating with the Aqua Dabs, we would often suggest pressing some of the concentrate between two pieces of parchment paper, and dabbing thinner pieces. While this technique still applies, it is less necessary. The oily beads stick to the dab tool much easier than before, and when the dab hits the nail you can see the oil slightly separate as it vaporizes. It looks just like wax or shatter! The taste is smooth and clean, and there is no residue left on the nail. After several dabs the only residue was on the dabtool, which was easily cleaned off.


Everyone seems to feel a different effect from the strain Sour Diesel, and this super concentrated version is no different. It provides a burst of energy immediately for most patients. For those with a lighter tolerance, the strong psychoactive effect from the dab may be less than functional, but after about 15 minutes, a unique feeling of clarity is the main effect. The effects are very long lasting. The uplifting feeling gives many patients motivation, and helps with pain management without the inherent sedative effects of many Indica concentrates. For those with a higher tolerance, this might be the strongest option for solvent-less concentrates that we currently provide!

Try It!

Since this new version of Aqua Dabs is seemingly higher quality and quite possibly more potent than before, it must be more expensive right? Nope! This provider views it as their responsibility to provide the cleanest and safest medicine at the best price for our patients. In fact, they have made the Sour Diesel Aqua Dabs available in half grams so that everyone can give it a try and see how awesome it is. It can still be used on top of flowers or in a joint, of course, but it is also an option for those who are looking for an alternative to dabbing butane or CO2 extracts.

Oh wait, did we mention? We tried it in the Vaped Nano vapor pen, and IT WAS AMAZING!!

We now have a cold water hash that can be used almost any way a patient desires. Stop by the PCC and check out this new version of Sour Diesel Aqua Dabs. We think you will agree how special it is.