PCC’s Sage and Sour Kush is a perfect combination of the classic Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium (SAGE) with a fruitier, more dense Sour Kush creating what was one of the best daytime medication I’ve had in recent memory.

Not to be confused with its better known relative, SAGE n Sour, Sage and Sour Kush delivered a unique experience from the first time I laid eyes on it:

Look: Tight, lime green buds with short pale orange hairs immediately clues you into the plant’s origins. The combo of these two powerful hybrids gave way to a compact, perfectly developed nug structure with shimmering trichomes throughout.

Feel: Expert plant care and strong genetics made this sample dense, but still easy to break apart by hand without being overly-cured.

Smell: Upon opening the bag you smell lemon, pine, cedar, and Palo Santo. Breaking into the plant reveals more of the piney and sour notes, with the wood balancing out your palate. A truly unique mix of earth and sour.

Taste: This was a very smooth and even burning sample. First inhale was marked by sour notes, where second inhale was noticeably sweeter. As the sample burned longer, it became noticeably harsher, but was enjoyed until the last puff.

Medicine: This was a very fast acting medicine, which is no surprise given it’s 35.39% total cannabinoid profile. (31.22% of that being THCa!!)

After the initial onset, the effects provided a great balance between energy and relaxation. Never too much of one or the other, making this strain great for productivity or high stress. I was drawn outdoors, enjoying the hours-long ride this medicine provided.

Sage and Sour Kush is a strain I would recommend for seasoned and new patients alike. The balance between flavor and psychoactive effects made this an especially approachable medicine. Although I enjoyed this medicine mid-day, it would also be a very great strain for unwinding after a long day without locking yourself to the couch.