It is time for our 2nd Annual PCC Harvest Raffle!


As a thank you to our patients, we are holding a Harvest Raffle full of prizes that include all of our favorite products.

The best part? The tickets are free to collect!


How do you get these raffle tickets?

Every patient who visits our shop will receive one PCC Harvest Raffle Ticket for each visit starting in early November. Check our Instagram page between 10/27/14 and 11/1/14 for official start date details…

The last Raffle Tickets will be given out Saturday November 29th.

The Prize Drawing will be held November 30th, and the prizes can be collected December 1st through 31st!


Grand Prize: One 1/8 of Flowers of your choice AND 1 Gram of Concentrate of your choice.

grand prize raffle 2014

1/8 of Midnight (Granddaddy Purple x OG Kush) & 1 Gram of Purple OG “Aqua Dabs” Cold Water Hash















That’s right, if you win this Prize, you can choose any 1/8th of Flowers you like AND any 1 Gram of Concentrate.


Lots of other fantastic prizes including:


Vaped Nano AND 1 Gram Essence Oil


Cheeba Chews


i heart shatter

2 Kings Shatter


Bhang Medicinal Chocolate Bars


Butter Brothers Edibles including Quad Dose Streusels


Elsea’s Nummies Gluten Free Edibles



…. and lots more still to be revealed!

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Thank you for choosing PCC!