Upon starting our review process this month, my coworkers and I at PCC quickly realized something was glaringly missing from our repertoire: A closer look at one of our most beloved strains, Midnight. While for folks new to the PCC this may not seem out of place, anyone who has been around the last couple years knows Midnight and probably the frustration of coming in when it has run out. One of our few ‘Jar’ strains, Midnight is rare enough for us to feel the need to limit the amount each patient can purchase, thereby allowing more patients access to it. To anyone in the business world this seems counter-intuitive, but to patients who need its strong pain relieving effect it is certainly a boon.


Midnight represents a true accomplishment in breeding: taking two potent strains and turning them into one unique powerhouse. A cross of two common strains, OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, Midnight is not your run of the mill God’s Gift (a strain from the same parent strains). Selected using hundreds of phenotypes, Midnight was the cutting which best displayed powerful strength as well as pungency. One of the more stunning strains all around, when you open the jar it veritably jumps out at you: a healthy coloring of both purples and greens, less easy to discern because of the resin coverage which tends to give it more of a silvery sheen. Typically the first comment when opening the jar is about the smell it immediately emits: a pungent mix of pine and dirt, similar to that of an OG, but with an almost citrus tang on the back end.  Even though Midnight has one of the more unique looks and smells, its most notable feature comes only after imbibing.

Midnight Display

While I always tend to feel ambitious in my joint rolling, I almost never manage to get to the end of a Midnight joint. This has one of the most rapid onsets of any strains.  Even with the first hit, I begin to feel its effects: starting with a warm fuzziness in my head which eases tensions and slows me down quite a bit, and ending with an all around physical tingling taking all my pain away. The effect of this strain is rarely paralleled and almost certainly never duplicated- the sheer power it brings is something most patients rely on concentrates for.


Midnight Collector Card, Series 3 Card Number 1, is now available in collector sleeves. Ask for yours next time you come in!

Midnight Collector Card