Our recent article about the Medi-Cone High CBD pre-rolled joint received a lot of attention. If you missed it, you can read it here. There are several other types of high quality pre-rolled Joints available at PCC that deserve mention. There are too many to review in just one article, so this will be part 1 of 2 parts.

First in my review, are the Ed Rosenthal pre-rolled joints. They come in either “Sativa with Hints of Indica” or “Indica with Hints of Sativa.” Both pre-rolled joints also have a cold water hash rolled with the flowers. These joints have a similar pleasant, sweet taste. I could taste the hash for sure but the joint remains smooth. Both joints put out quite a bit of smoke, I assume because of the hash. The indica joint made me feel physically relaxed but not tired. There was a mild body effect alongside a surprisingly awake feeling. The Indica Ed Rosenthal pre-rolled joint would be enjoyed by those who like a indica dominate hybrid with some motivational effects. In other words, an Indica that won’t make them tired. The Sativa joint was a bit more energizing, yet still gave a nice physically relaxed sensation. I didn’t get the racing energy many Sativa strains can have, but I noticed I kept busy each time I smoked it. The Sativa Ed Rosenthal pre-rolled joint would be enjoyed by patients who like mild Sativas or Sativa dominate hybrids with some physical effect. It is a mild sativa with some pain relief, that doesn’t have a anxious feeling.

Next there is the Sour Diesel x Headband pre-rolled joint. Sour Diesel is a widely available cannabis strain that is familiar to most cannabis patients and is a favorite of many. Headband is another well known west coast cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. This joint has the traditional lemony sour taste one expects from these strains, as well as the motivating yet relaxing effects. It would be a good choice for patients who would like a Sativa for focused motivation that also provides some pain relief. The namesake trait of the cannabis strain Headband, a feeling of pressure around the forehead, should be expected. For some patients this strain is particularly helpful for headaches. These pre-rolled joints are rolled with buds, no shake or trim is used. They also always contain kief from either Sour Diesel or Headband. These joints are long lasting and burn well. I got at least three separate smoking sessions out of 1 joint, and each time was a pleasure.

Pineapple Express

Last but not least, there is the Pineapple Express pre-rolled joint. The Pineapple Express is my favorite joint carried by PCC. I’m a sucker for flavor, and this joint is very delicious all the way to the finish. Pineapple Express is a fruity, sweet tasting, energizing Sativa that provides a focused burst of energy. These pre-rolled joints, like the Sour Diesel x Headband, are rolled with trimmed buds only, no shake or trim. They always contain cold water hash made from Pineapple Express flowers. I noticed each time I smoked this joint, in addition to a nice energetic feeling, I felt pretty hungry about an hour later. I think this one would be a good choice for patients who wish to stimulate their appetite in the day time. As the uplifting effects wore off, I didn’t feel any drowsiness, or the need to smoke again until much later in the day. These joints burn well and and  also lasted three sessions for me. Each inhalation was very tasty, and I truly enjoyed smoking this pre-rolled joint.


Here are a few pointers for smoking these and other pre-rolled joints: Give them some love before you light them. First very, very lightly roll the joint in your fingers to loosen the contents a little. DO NOT PRESS OR SMASH IT. Then, tap the mouthpiece end on a table or hard surface to settle the contents, and give the paper a little twist to tighten it. Do all of these things in a extremely gentle way in order to have a evenly burning joint. Any tear to the joints paper can render it unable to draw smoke. Also when smoking these pre-rolled joints don’t grasp the joint hard, when you do this you are smashing the flowers and the hash or kief thereby making it impossible for smoke to pass through. So when you are smoking any joint, hold it lightly. Another mistake many new cannabis patients make is inhaling too much at one time. Not only can it be very uncomfortable to do this, after a while you may notice that the glowing ash at the burning end of the joint is enormous. If this happens, it may fall out when you try to ash it. Sometimes one can lose half a joint this way. To avoid this, and to get the most out of your joints, take average sized or small hits. Feel free to put a joint out after taking a puff or two. These high quality joints can stand up to being put out and relit.

To be continued in Part 2 of Staff Review: Pre-Rolled Joints…..