Gorilla Scout combines two of the most popular phenotypes on the market: Gorilla Glue #4 and Girl Scout Cookies. Patients rejoice! It is as special as it sounds. With large, resin packed nugs, the GG4 has clearly rounded out some of the more finicky growing patterns of GSC.

Look: If you can see past the sparkling crystals on the surface, you’ll see a pleasantly pale green flower, with subtle hints of purple hues. The nug structure is reminiscent of a strong Sativa, full buds that come to multiple points resembling a crown. Crowning can be a sign of stress; however, this plant fully embraced its structure, and it served as a sign of potency in this sample.

Feel: I was surprised how easy it was to break this sample up by hand. The densely packed, sticky herb at first felt like it would be impossible; however, due to the professional cure job it was not overwhelming. Although, a grinder is still your best bet for breaking down these meds. This was one of the biggest surprises when I was sampling this superior hybrid.

Smell: At first, the smell is a bit underwhelming. You get the earthy notes for the Gorilla and a bit of fuel from the GSC, but once you break into a nug and give it a good sniff, the gold truly reaches your nostrils. Lemon, light fruit punch, petrol, steak – these were the words I wrote down to describe this incredible strain.

Taste: Like many complex crosses, this flower tasted different throughout the smoke. A velvety floral taste dominated the first puffs. It was reminiscent of how you imagine your clothes would smell after watching a dramatic commercial of clothing swirling about mountains and fields of flowers. Dryer sheet was my initial reaction, but that does not do it justice.  As the smoke progresses, the lung expanding and powerful earthy-fuel taste takes over. I assume this is the result of the Kush and Diesel parents of the phenos that were crossed and will leave any smoker who craves the deeper, chocolatey notes with a smile on their face.  

Medicine: This strain is a creeper! At first, the effect is direct, smooth, and clearheaded. A walk was immediately required to enjoy this strain to its fullest. Giggles and an overall psychoactive effect crept up ultimately leading to a ravenous case of munchies.

This strain was a remarkable representation of the direction breeders are going these days. Balancing out not only flavor, but effect. I was left in awe after sampling and was disappointed when it was gone. A very fun and lighthearted medicine that would be good for depression, pain, anxiety, appetite stimulation, and more. Do yourself a favor and get some of this ASAP.