PCC Ultra High Grade Headband Kief

It doesn’t take long for a cannabis patient to develop a routine. We all find our favorite strains and feel satisfaction and comfort in knowing what we like. But any routine can get boring, and not every trip to the dispensary goes as planned.  Perhaps it is time to try some of the other things available on today’s cannabis market – like hashes, kiefs, and oils.  All of these can be used like exotic spices to make medicating more effective and in some cases less expensive.  Here are five reasons to add concentrates to your friend list:

Tolerance Rising:

Remember when two hits of high grade were all you needed to relieve your pain, eat everything in the fridge and then sack out?  Me neither, but if those days are long gone, and you are concerned with the amount of herb you are smoking, you can use hash or kief to regain control of things.  Instead of rolling a massive cone, perhaps a smaller joint with some hash rolled throughout might do the trick and save your lungs with less puffs.  A small dusting of kief on the herb in your vaporizer will add zing to your hits without wrecking screens.  Some patients add a bit of hash to the cannabis butter they use for cooking and find potency increased with more consistent dosage.  Try using concentrates to your advantage instead of using more cannabis.

I Bought The Wrong Medicine- “Schwag In Dank’s Clothing”:

PCC Full Melt Romulan Cold Water Hash

I went to a dispensary once (not the PCC) and was dazzled by the nouveau art decorations and plumes of smoke in the air.  They even had massages and stuff.  I asked the professional budtender for top shelf, and handed over top dollar.  The smell was there.  Lots of trichomes and first couple hits taste great!  Only problem is, after hit seven I feel nothing.  Lesson learned again- sometimes the buds only LOOK good.  Bummer, but what to do?  Throw it away?  Of course not, this sounds like a job for concentrates!  The next time you are at a dispensary pick up some hash, preferably a strain that matches the sativa/indica break down of the disappointing buds.  Then either grind up the hash in a grinder all together with the herb, crumble between finger tips and roll joints, or plunk small nuggets on top of bowls.  As long as the herb tastes good the the potency of the hash will make everything better, even if you get fooled sometimes like me.

I Bought The Wrong Medicine- “The Cheapskate Scenario”:

I went to a dispensary once (not the PCC) and couldn’t care less about the scene because I was looking for a killer deal.  Fortunately for me they had a crazy special, 3 grams for ten bucks.  Seemed like a steal so I bought 3 grams of “something-berry kush”.  However, after one hit I realized that I got what I paid for and was not going to be wholly satisfied even if I smoked it all at once.  So what to do, throw it away?  Of course not, use concentrates!  You can usually find a decent gram of kief at any dispensary for about 20 dollars or so.  Simply take a small jar, insert 3 “bargain” grams of herb and a half gram of kief. Shake well and suddenly you have 3 grams of exponentially better weed that still ends up being a pretty good deal.  Then you have a half gram of kief left over for the next time you are feeling frugal and get less than stellar medicine!

I Bought The Wrong Medicine- “The Impulse Buy”:

I went to a dispensary once for a very specific reason, because I needed to get some sleep.  Just an eighth of GDP and I will be on my way….but what’s this?  The most pristine batch of Durban Poison I have ever seen and would be insane to pass up?  OK…. so now I have this delicious Durban and the sun is going down and I have already cleaned my house, twice because of it’s uplifting and energetic effects.  What to do, throw it away?  I will need it for morning anyway so of course not, but concentrates can really help.   If you have some already pristine herb, don’t try to spice it up with kief or hash.  Try a full melt oil if you want to make your sativa more indica or vice versa.  Both effects will be present but you can control which one takes over by proportioning appropriately.  In this case, coating a small nug of Durban in Nitro Gold full melt oil extracted from Granddaddy Purple was not only a tasty combo but put me right to sleep, although with noteably vivid dreams.

Spice it Up:

PCC Jolly Rancher Red Oil ~ butane extracted, washed with alcohol ~ very unique!

Have some fun with your herb, it is ok to experiment.  Some dispensaries have blended concentrates. For example the PCC’s exclusive “Truffle”, which is a  mix of kiefs, hashes and oils.  These exotic blends are designed to hit different receptors in the body, which is very helpful for patients who are experiencing ultra high tolerance.  You can even try blending at home with your personal choice of concentrates.  In fact, many medical marijuana visionaries expect this to be the way most patients will medicate as science continues to shed light on the healing properties of cannabinoids.  In the near future, medical marijuana patients may be able to choose exactly what combination of cannabis extracts will best treat their symptoms, and then go to their dispensary and order their own unique blend.  Until then, we continue our own research.  If you see something special in the concentrates section that is interesting and affordable, try it out.  You might be happy to have it one day when you are low on herb or make some of the same choice mistakes I previously mentioned.

Either way, keep an eye on the hash market because as providers perfect the process the quality is going up and the price is dropping. Hashes, kiefs and oils might be a good way to keep you medicating both efficiently and economically.