Dabbenport Extracts, one of the foremost names in cannabis extraction, produces safe, clean medicine for patients throughout the Bay Area. Having won numerous awards, many people well versed in cannabis extractions acknowledge the high quality and standards Dabbenport Extracts brings. Similar to Patients Care Collective, their emphasis has always been on the safest and most effective medication. With consistent lab tests showing no residual solvents, as well as THC percentages in the high 80s, I need not be told twice to dive into this review.

The sample I’ve been provided is considered a “live resin” run, as the cannabis used was kept as fresh as possible, allowing for the least amount of volatile terpenes to off-gas and the most amount to translate into the final product. Upon cracking the jar my nose is veritably assaulted by the scent: sweet and tangy with pine and earth undertones, unmistakably the odor of a bag full of Girl Scout Cookies condensed into one small jar.Dabbenport Live Reisin Super Fuel


The smell is but a warning of the flavor to come, smooth and rich with a fullness that envelops your palate. As a sensory experience Live Resin is extraordinary; one of cleanest, most fragrant, and tastiest concentrates available. While this may be reason enough for some people to imbibe, I personally appreciate that the effects of the oil are so extremely potent and precise to the strain it is extracted from. Upon inhalation, its effects are felt instantly: full upper body relaxation with an intense, energizing cerebral buzz that gives way to a mellow body high and a hazy, tension-less head. The consistency of live resin seems to be the only apparent drawback: oily and with a much lower viscosity than I am accustomed to, making it difficult to find the appropriate container. Because of its consistency my chosen method of medicating is to use my dab rig, or titanium nail. This wouldn’t necessarily be the case with all of Dabbenport’s products, as they range from extremely dry wax and sugarwax to more oily, tacky resins.


These concentrates are some of the most potent and therapeutic forms of medical cannabis available. With their dedication to quality and overall perfection, Dabbenport represents one of the best oil producers on the market.

Sub Cool TGA Dabbenport sugar wax