The PCC7 is a guide for patients to understand the effects of cannabis on their mind and body. Choosing the right strain of medicinal cannabis can be confusing at first, especially with so many different and occasionally unusual names. The strain names are not always representative of the desired medicinal effects. This being said, it is much easier to decide what your desired effects are before you decide on the strain. To simplify things, we have split the effects into two categories: Mental and Physical.

To describe the Mental effects, we use the terms Heavy, Psychoactive, Creative, Euphoric, Sociable, Alert, and Clear.

To describe the Physical effects, we use the terms Sedative, Relaxing, Calm, Awake, Active, Energetic, and Uplifting.

You may be familiar with terms like Sativa, Indica and Hybrid, but to better assist you in choosing stains by desired effects, we have split the categories into seven groups depending on their mental and physical effects. The seven groups are Heavy Indica, Clear Indica, Heavy Hybrid, Even Hybrid, Clear Hybrid, Heavy Sativa, and Clear Sativa. Once decided on a group or desired effect, you can use the system to find the strain that will work best for your ailments. The combination of THC and terpenes modulates each strain to have its own effect, flavor, energy and medical uses.

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Each patient will build tolerance faster to certain strains than others. To conserve your medicine and to get the maximum relief, choose three to four strains that work well for you and switch them up. This will keep your cannabinoid receptors fresh and ready to be activated by the next strain you are using. Mixing a few strains together can enhance the desired cannabinoid balance you are looking for, as cannabis effects will vary by the individual’s physiological make up. Each patient has an individual reaction to each type of medicine; therefore, experimentation with different types of strains is essential for the new patient.

We are learning new things about this wonderful plant every day. The latest research tells us there are many other active compounds in cannabis called terpenes that contribute to the entourage effect. Not only do the terpenes give each strain it’s wonderful and unique aroma, they also make a fingerprint that identify specific strains. Remember, “the nose knows” so trust your instincts and keep a personal cannabis journal to note how certain strains affected you.  In a short time, you’ll be a pro at finding the right strains that suit you best.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your physician before using cannabis.