Over the last few years we have seen the medical cannabis community go through it’s fair share of trends.  Some of these trends are truly medicinally motivated, searching out the very best way for a patient to medicate, and some are because of the nature of our industry and its ability to be tailored to the whim and will of the patient.  One such method is commonly referred to as ‘dabbing’, a way in which to medicate using a hot surface and hash oil.  While many people enjoy the knee-jerk reaction to any sort of ‘drug implementation’, the logic and science behind dabbing make sense: instead of burning organic material i.e. cannabis flowers and inhaling the hot particulate in the form of smoke, you boil the hash oil and inhale the resulting vapor.  What your left with is a faster acting and much stronger effect, allowing you to spend less time medicating and more time living. Regardless of the motivating factor, the result is a market in which providers feel impelled to make purer and more effective medication.

One of these ‘more effective’ medications comes in an older form: hash. While dabbing has been gaining popularity, many providers feel unsure about the solvents used in processing and the safety of the resulting product. For that reason we have seen a large population of folks begin to produce incredibly high-grade cold water hash; so good that many will medicate with it the same way they would any other hashoil.

For this week’s review my boss thought it may be a good idea to reintroduce folks to our high grade Romulan cold water hash – hands down one of the best indica products we have. Deceptive in its packaging, often at a glance it looks more like a small polished brown marble than anything else. Brought close, the oily residue left on the container from where the hash has touched is clearly evident, leaving little doubt as to how ‘melty’ it’s going to be.

Oily residue left by the Romulan hash in the container

Only one way to tell though, and that’s by digging in.

Upon opening the container my nose is regaled with the many elements of Romulan’s scent: hints of yogurt and grapefruit- finished with an underlying note of bitter that tends to sting.  Distinctly Romulan-like in it’s bouquet, exactly what patients need leaving no question as to what the source material may have been.  It’s consistency is one of my favorite aspects: soft and malleable, easy to pad up for a bowl or hot hit, oily enough for a dab. Although Romulan’s look and smell are enticing, it’s heavy indica nature prevents me from sampling any time but in the evening before bed.

Like I have mentioned before, cold water hashes afford you many options on how you would like to medicate, my choice for continuity’s sake is to dab. In this case it means loading up about half a tic-tac size worth of hash, nicely flattened so it has the most surface area available, and seeing how well it will melt on my nail (on most dabbing rigs, as the apparatus is normally called, a titanium nail is the part you heat up with the torch to red hot. You then touch the hash/oil on to the hot nail using a metal instrument; at the same time, you inhale the vapor produced from the mouthpiece).

In this case, as with many cold water hashes, their is a slight residue of trapped particulate left, a dark brown or black ash you can scoop off or blow away after your hit.  Unlike smoking on top of cannabis, smoking hash on it’s own has a tendency to be much less harsh, as well as much more medicating.  For this reason the flavor is very evident: a bright bitter bite like that of some collard greens, finished with a lingering aftertaste of citrus and yogurt.  Although it’s difficult to focus on what the taste is like, because after one hit I have begun sinking into my bed.

As I mentioned before, Romulan is one of our heaviest indica products, able to aide with the strongest of physical ailment as well as the most niggling of insomnias.  An almost immediate physical rush, beginning in the center of your body and emanating outwards, sure to relax muscles and tensions. One of the benefits of Romulan in hash form is the extra strength it has mentally as well as physically: an almost kush-like mental effect, hitting you right between the temples but immediately drooping your eyes to half mast. While these effects sound extreme to some folks who need a more functional experience, for other patients dealing with extreme pain or insomnia hashes and hash oils like our Romulan cold water do the trick.

PCC Romulan Trading Card ~ Number 9