The federal attacks on the medical cannabis community keep coming. Recently, the Department of Justice announced their intention to confiscate two buildings operated by Harborside Health Center in Oakland, CA and in San Jose, CA. This latest attack comes on the heels of other raids, audits, and other intimidation around the state.

U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag has threatened to seize the Oakland property where Harborside Health Center has operated since 2006, as well as its sister shop in San Jose, executive director and co-founder Steve DeAngelo said Wednesday. His employees found court papers announcing asset forfeiture proceedings against Harborside’s landlords taped to the doors at the two locations last Tuesday.

“We are appalled that the federal government wants to drive tens of thousands of patients to the streets to find their medicine,” added National Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Aaron Smith. “Possibly no dispensary in the nation has been more open about its activities than Harborside. And it has strong support from local officials who understand state law. The Obama administration needs to admit that this action is entirely unjustified, acknowledge that it is inconsistent with its policy of not targeting individuals and organizations acting in compliance with state law, and allow Harborside to continue operating.”

We are going to gather to protest the closing of medical marijuana dispensaries like Berkeley Patients GroupVapor Room Cooperative & El Camino Wellness Center Collective on MONDAY, JULY 23 at the Fox Theater – Oakland where President Barack Obama will be fundraising.

Join us, Americans for Safe Access, Harborside Health Center, Oaksterdam University, California NORML, and others are calling for a peaceful protest to let the President know we want him to stop the federal attack!
MONDAY, JULY 23 at 12:00pm (gathering at City Hall)
Oakland City Hall
1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

Show your support for Oaksterdam University and Harborside Health Center, victims of these ongoing federal attacks on safe access.

The patients are mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore!

Here’s video made by Steve D’Angelo explaining how complacency is not an option right now. We need to stick together and send a clear message to Obama: Keep your campaign promises to medical cannabis patients! Feds aren’t welcome to interfere in our state enacted laws! This is not a good use of our resources!

There was no one engaging in violence at Harborside, there were no allegations of harm. That the government is concentrating on these sorts of perceived crimes demonstrates misplaced priorities. Especially in light of our economic state ~ we ought to be reallocating resources to deal with real threats to the health and safety of our community, and not on these medical cannabis witch hunts.

This is The War on Drugs, which poses a potentially lethal threat to the very concept of due process and property rights.

RSVP HERE FOR THE FACEBOOK EVENT!!  Harborside has released a statement on their Facebook page with details on how to stay informed:

“Harborside is not in imminent danger of closing. We intend to keep the commitment we made six years ago to provide our patients with safe access to the medicine their doctors have recommended, for as long as we possibly can. We will never abandon you.

Our patients can help by providing their e-mail addresses, which will enable HHC to send you updates, and if necessary action alerts. We are also looking for patients who would like to participate in further activist efforts to keep the doors of Harborside open. Please speak to a receptionist or intake staff if you are would like to volunteer.


Steve and Andrew DeAngelo, Dave Wedding Dress, and the management and staff of Harborside Health Center look forward to working with our patients, other dispensaries, activist organizations, and political allies to confront and stop this latest effort by the federal government to frustrate the will of the voters, and deny medicine to those in need. Our fight may be long, but it is just, and in the end we shall be victorious. We look forward to being there with you when that great day comes.”


If you can not make the rally on Monday, Please contact Melinda Haag and tell her how you feel about the recent actions toward medical cannabis dispensaries! She needs to hear it over and over again.
Melinda L Haag, U.S. Attorney
450 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 436-7200