Despite all the recent federal crackdowns and the fear mongering they engender, medical cannabis is still at an all time high. We continue to see more strains of better quality and better variety. Which is why I feel fortunate to have such an incredible selection: from Cherry AK and the ever classic Jack Herer, to the crushing new Midnight or the old school Romulan, you should be able to find the right medical cannabis for your own needs. This weeks review is just one more weapon for your arsenal against illness, a powerful sativa dominant hybrid: Sour Grapes.

Brought to us courtesy of the much harried Oaksterdam Nursery, Sour Grapes combines many of the finer aspects of three strains: Purple Elephant x Chemdog x Sour Diesel. The end result is arguably one of the most visually appealing buds I’ve seen in quite some time. From a distance all I can see are large compact nugs, which are light green yet seem to emanate a golden hue. Upon closer examination, it looks more as if the buds have donned their furry winter cloak of trichomes- veritably covering every available spot. While we generally “smoke first” with our eyes, I never let them be my only determinant.

Often my favorite way to pick a strain is by using my nose; I find sense of smell to be a very good indicator for a positive experience with a strain.  The scent of Sour Grapes is one I find familiar, but not easily placed: hints of tartness and pine with an underlying sweet heaviness that can’t help but make you think of grapes.  Albeit not quite as fragrant as some of our heavy hitters, the complexity of Sour Grapes keeps a first time patient guess as to where its effect will truly lie.

After a round of close examination, it is rare I am not ready to sample then and there, and this time is no different. Opting to sample it in my usual joint form, I figured it would be a nice way to start my day in the garden.  The breakdown went more easily than expected: the copious covering of trichomes gives it a gold tinge, a deceptively more dry look, which in fact ended up being nicely cured and did not powder in the grinder as I initially thought it might.  As a result, the roll turned out perfectly well, neither surpassing the easiest rolls nor sufficiently challenging my skills.  Ready to be taken to my back deck, I head outside with my ice water in hand.

While I enjoy just about every aspect of a joint, I find that flavor tends to develop as you smoke.  This is certainly the case in Sour Grapes: starting out light and lemony, the flavor rapidly develops into a syrupy sweet grape with a strong sour presence. As the flavor develops so too does the high: starting with a rapid onset right between your temples, the high is mind expanding and uplifting.

Although not necessarily a source of energy itself, it will not however bog you down or put you to sleep. The physical effect, while present, definitely takes a back seat to the stronger sativa elements, allowing relief from pain without the weariness.  Perhaps not the very first strain I would reach for in the morning, but absolutely wonderful day time medication- specifically for those who desire intensity and pain relief.