Strain Type: Mostly Indica               Strain Lineage: Northern Lights x Blueberry

Medicinal Uses: Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Appetite, MS, Anxiety, PTSD, Glaucoma, Migraines, Gastrointestinal Issues, AIDS, Cancer, Epilepsy, Alcoholism, Arthritis, Anorexia.

PCC Report:

I imagine just about everyone who has experience medicating with cannabis has at one point thought, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to combine my favorite strains?”.  One of the goals of my reviews is to impress upon the reader the very individual nature of each and every strain.  There is much to say in knowing a strains lineage, and appreciating the commonalities of its ancestry, however many a strain will express itself in a way completely foreign to its ilk.  The almost overabundance of types allow for the person medicating varying forms of relief and for different ailments.  It seems only natural then that people would wish to combine these experiences in order for complete relief.  For this reason I was unsurprised when I discovered that someone had decided to cross a couple of my favorites: Northern Lights and Blueberry.  Both heavier indicas, their progeny could be nothing short of spectacular.

For this week’s review I get an opportunity to look at two incredible strains combined into one powerful herb: Northern Lights x Blueberry.  Upon sampling, the first thing that struck me was its appearance: big and chunky, with such a good covering of trichomes, it shaded parts more white than green.  The bud structure looks more like a big beautiful sativa-heavy hybrid, but any handling of the herb quickly reveals how solid it is.  The juxtaposition of size and density intrigues my senses and as ever I must indulge.

With the bag halfway open I can already detect the fruitiness I was hoping for.  The sweetness I ascribe to the Blueberry, but this scent contains other elements as well: a sharp piney note combined with tangy citrus that goes beyond lemony-fresh.  Despite being Indica dominant, I do not detect any sort of the heavy muskiness I have come to expect.  As ever, these are indications of what may be, not what is necessarily absolute.  Again I am left wondering how close in effect Northern Lights x Blueberry is in comparison to its parents.

I don’t have to wonder long.  With all the necessary supplies, I roll up an appropriately sized joint.  The rolling process once again goes without incident, and I am reminded of one of the many benefits of high-grade medicine.  The dry pull expresses even more of the piney twang, almost completely masking the sweetness that was the star before.  The flavor while smoked, however, is much more on the balanced side: a syrupy inhale and a sour exhale make for a tasty combination.  The onset of the high is very rapid, happening well before the joint has been put out.  The experience is a nice representation of an indica-heavy hybrid, showing both the physicality of Blueberry and the psychoactive side of Northern Lights.  Mental and physical, I found it to have a great balance of high-functioning clarity and pain relief. Perfect for those days when I need the physical strength of an Indica, but do not necessarily want to fall prey to the lethargy that sometimes accompanies it.  On the flip side, I still feel comfortable recommending this for sleeping: although it won’t put you to sleep, it relaxes you while letting your natural fatigue do the work.  Overall, Northern Lights x Blueberry is a great combination of two classic favorites, almost, but not quite, capturing the best of both worlds.

Blueberry x Northern Lights Trichomes